Friday, August 22, 2008

Jeter Jeter Redsox Eater.....

Well, the Yankee's aren't doing so hot this year but Jeter still cheers on her number one Yankee....Derek! Yep, that's right my precious little pug is named after the one and only Derek Jeter! I also decided to keep the Yankee - Red Sox Rivalry alive with her full AKC name. I also have to admit that Jeter is not happy that we are making football treats when the World Series is just around the corner. Not to worry, she will survive!

I've decided to give you a glimpse of the grandpug that turned my mom into the "treat lady". The picture to the right is exactly why Jeter is called SPOILED! I can also count on her gaining at least 3 pounds after a visit from the grandparents.

One last thing to think about as you go on about your day......... Have you ever wondered what your furry friend looks like while your out having dinner, or a great time with friends. Well, the mystery is solved. While I was in Chicago about a month ago, my mother caught Jeter doing her "We forgot the dog" impression!

So when your out and about this weekend.......Don't Forget the DOG!

- Jan

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Canine Footballs are here!

Don't Forget the Dog this football season!

Order your genuine carob and peanut butter Canine Footballs, packaged with your favorite high school, college, or pro-teams colors, visit us at the SM Football Jamboree, Shawnee Farmer's Market, or email us at

Canine Footballs $5
(Larger quantities by request)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Introducing Nati and Jager

Since many of you have been so kind to share your dogs with us, I thought it was about time that Nati and Jager met all of you! Jager is a 6 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback mix from the Emporia Humane Society! I instantly fell in love with him, and there was no way that I was leaving him at the pound, even though Ryan told me NO! Jags is as laid back, never met a stranger, and quickly becomes everyone's best friend! He looks a little like Scooby Doo! He really is Ryan on 4 legs (if you haven't met my husband, maybe I will introduce him in a couple of weeks!). Jager's favorite DFTD treat is the BBQ Growlers! Ryan and I had never met a Rhodesian Ridgeback, if you haven't either, they are African lion hunters, who are loyal, loving companions to their owners and friends. They have a thin sleek coat and ridge of hair or mohawk that naturally grows down the middle of their back. 2 years ago, we decided that Jager needed a sibling, and began looking for a Ridgeback to join our family, when a friend brought Nati to us! She was a 1 year old Ridgeback who had been abandoned in Tulsa. She's the pretty pretty princess in our family and knows she is a purebred! On her first night with us she kicked Jager out of his bed and hasn't let him sleep there since. It is Nati's world at our house, we all live in it, and love her more everyday! Quirkiness and all! Of course, Nati's favorite treat is our Guilty Pleasures.
Please continue to send us pictures of your mutts! We would love to meet them at the Shawnee Farmer's Market, it will be the highlight of their week . . . a walk, TREATS, and lots of attention from other fair attendees!


P.S. Sorry for the long post, but they're our babies!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Grand Opening......

Hi all! Did you think we would forget to write about last week's Grand Opening. Well, almost. Luckily, Jeter reminded me! Liz and I want to say THANK YOU to all of our friends, family, customers and our treat lovers for stopping by to say, "Bow Wow" We had a great time last week and we look forward to every Saturday morning in Shawnee! We even have a little surprise in the works for tomorrow......I won't tell you what it is, but I could give you a hint.
It rhymes with Please and dogs love it!

Ok, just one last thing before I many people are tired of hearing, "Who Let the Dogs Out" If you are then send us a new dog themed song and we'll post it! Jan & Liz